2014-2015 State

University of Illinois - April 18, 2015

Schedule Updates

The conflict blocks for State and Regionals will be as follows.  The complete state and regional schedule will be release at the latest by November 8.

The asterisk * in the conflict blocks: These events are together on the national schedule, which is a 6 block. Since our state schedule is a 5 block, we split these events and grouped them with a different block. The State and Regional competitions WILL use these blocks as the basis for their schedules (schedules will be released with Regional assignments). Please check with Invitationals to verify if they are using the same blocks.


Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

B Anatomy & Physiology

B Bio Process Lab

B Crime Busters*

B Can't Judge a Powder

B Crave the Wave

B Dynamic Planet

B Entomology

B Experimental Design

B Fossils

B Green Generation

B Picture This

B Road Scholar

B Meteorology*

B Solar System

B Write It Do It



B Simple Machines





Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

C Anatomy & Physiology

C Astronomy

C Cell Biology

C Chemistry Lab

C Compound Machines

C Entomology

C Experimental Design

C Forensics

C Fossils

C GeoLogic Mapping

C It's About Time

C Protein Modeling

C Technical Problem Solving

C Write It Do It

C Green Generation*

C Dynamic Planet*








Recent Updates

Coming Soon



Recent Announcements



COMING IN JANUARY 2015.  If you would like to be added to the email list for volunteers, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Self Schedule (team event scheduling) (COMING SOON)

Avogadro (scoring website):  B Division, C Division (COMING SOON)

Volunteer Website (COMING SOON)

Team Volunteer Form (COMING SOON)

Tournament Program (COMING SOON)

University of Illinois State Tournament website




Campus Parking Map

Campus Map

Public Wireless Locations

(Please note, the Khan building is the north addition to Huff Hall).



Bus Parking on April 12, 2014 will be in the south end of the E-14 parking lot. This lot can be accessed from either First Street or Oak Street. On the attached map, this is in section J-K 2-3 and is the light green section of E-14 called “Shuttle Parking.”  (See the map here)


There is metered parking along the horseshoe drive by Huff Hall which is on the east side of 4th avenue. There are five metered spots.
There is metered parking along the horseshoe drive at Clark Hall which is on the west side of 4th avenue. There are six metered spots.
The parking lot on the east side of Huff Hall is "ticket and tow" before 5 pm. After 5 pm, parking in this lot is free.


Parking is available from 5:00 pm Friday through Saturday evening in most University of Illinois parking lots labeled "Monday through Friday." Parking is NOT permitted in any University lot or specific parking spaces marked "rented 24 hours, 7 days a week." NOTE: Street parking meters supplied by the cities of Champaign and Urbana are not considered University parking and will be strictly enforced on Saturday.



TEAM and VOLUNTEER Registration:

  • Friday, April 17th
    • 1 to 5 pm, 4th floor meeting room Illini Union
    • 7 to 9 pm, 4th floor meeting room Illini Union
  • Saturday, April 18th
    • 6 am to 8:30 am, 4th floor meeting room Illini Union


VOLUNTEERS:  Please register 20 minutes before your scheduled start time so you have enough time to get to your event.


Only the coaches need to go to Illini Union to register.

The students should go around on Friday and find their event rooms so that they do not get lost on Saturday.  It is a big campus, so they should stay in small groups with a chaperon 



Congratulations to all state-bound teams!

Team List

The official list of teams here!! (COMING IN MARCH)


Rosters and Alternates

  • C teams can have up to 7 seniors on their roster
  • Division B and C teams can bring up to 12 alternates to the state tournament.  Alternates will receive a wristband and will be eligible to compete in the trial events.
  • Trial events - students with a team or alternate wristband can compete
  • State Events - only students with a team wristband can compete


A vs AA Breakdown

Listed on the Team Status Doc (COMING IN MARCH)


Dates and Forms

Self Schedule:  Wednesday, March 26th at 4 pm (CDT) -  Wednesday, April 2/3rd at midnight (CDT)

Avogadro Team Info:  Wednesday, March 26th at 4 pm (CDT) -  Wednesday, April 2/3rd at midnight (CDT)

Flight Practice Time:  Friday April 11 (5:30-8:30) in the Armory, Saturday when no devices are flying

Other Event Practice Time:  Saturday when the supervisor does not need the space and another team is not testing


Team Bid Packets:  This year ISO will be handling bid packets electronically.  You will NOT receive a bid packet at your regional tournament as in years past.



  • Permission/Release Forms
  • Team Registration form
  • Alternate registration form
  • Medical release forms
  • T-Shirt and Pin Payment

Note:  There is NO team fee for the state tournament. 


Forms Due BEFORE Registration:


Due Date Form Name Description
March 27 at 9AM T-Shirt and Pin order form  
March 26 at midnight Team Volunteer Form (ONLINE)

Coach must fill this out to indicate who your team volunteer is going to be


March 27 at 9am Volunteer Sign Up (ONLINE)

Team volunteer must go to this website to actually select a volunteer opportunity.


Coming Soon Nataional Anthem Singers Please email ??? with the following information:
  • Team Member's Name
  • Team Member's Grade
  • School
April 1 at 9am Parade of School photos
Wednesday, March 26th at 4 pm (CDT) - Wednesday, April 2/3rd at midnight (CDT) Self Schedule (ONLINE)

Teams sign up for the timeslot they will participate in building events

Wednesday, March 26th at 4 pm (CDT) - Wednesday, April 2/3rd at midnight (CDT) Avogadro Team Info (ONLINE):  B DivisionC Division
  • Only Gender and Grade level are required demographics information.
  • Only include alternates if they are competing in Trial events






(Please note, the Khan building is the north addition to Huff Hall).

Homerooms are listed on the Team Status google doc and will NOT be posted online


Flight Practice Times

Friday April 11th from 5:30-8:30 in the Armory

  • A Sign-up sheet will be available at that time (there is no early signup or self schedule for this event).
  • The Event Supervisor will work with the Students ONLY (not parents or coaches)

Saturday April 12th:  Flight practice ONLY when other devices are not flying.


Other Event Practice Times

Saturday April 12th:  The other events can be practiced when you show up if the supervisor does not need the space.


Trial Events

The following events will run at the State Tournament.  A limited number of spots will be available for each event.

B Division

C Division


Don't forget to check the National Event FAQsNational Event Clarifications and Illinois Event Clarifications!!




Order your State Tournament T-Shirt or Pins now!  Please contact your team coach to place an order.  Individual orders will NOT be accepted.

State Tournament T-Shirt and Pin Order Form (COMING IN MARCH)



National Anthem Singers

 If you have any students who would like to sing the National Anthem at the Awards Ceremony, please email Natalie Keigher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday at noon.


Awards Ceremony


If your school will not be attending the Awards Ceremony, please let us know by Friday.


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